Friday, January 27, 2012

One Tree Hill FTW !

Yesss yesss. I am still crazah over this series. Crazah with Nathan, B.Davis and the new sizzling chickaz ;

Dalam OTH, she rolled as quinn james. A sister to haley james. And apparently in real life, she is actually a model. Well, tgk pun dah boleh agak kann. Dgn tingginya lagi.

And when i first time saw her in OTH, i was like is that mischa barton ? well, they do look a bit similar aight ? No ? Hahaa. But i personally lagi suka shantel better than mischa barton. She so cuteeee. Hehee.

This girl. Has an amazing smile ! And she can sing too :) it's ah-mazing ! In OTH, she play as alex dupre.

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