Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Smooth Hair Remover.

Ok im aaaaaaalmost sold on this MyDeal's deal. Like seriously im like thhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss close to buy the deal. But then i thought, whhyyyyy not i google the product review first la. ( i took this wise step its just cuz my ka-ching ka-ching in ma bank is erm, let me say just enough for me to survive for 3 days before i get my salary for this month :p i normally couldn't be bothered to check the product. Yep, no smart move.)

And thank god i did the review first before i buy the product. Most of the comment i think 95% of them give bad reviews. Some of them say it gave them rashes n skin irritation afterwards. And they say it doesn't work smooth as what they describe in advert. And some also say, it took longer time to remove the hair than using shaver or veet or other products.

this is how the product looks like :) pretty convincing aight ? no ? zzzz.

After read all the comments, i was still stubborn and insist to buy the product. Even when im writing this post also, my heart is screaming to ask to buy the product. Hahaa. And then i thought, i love my legs laa. I dont want anything horrible to happen to my legs. Dah lah kaki tak berapa cantik. Ni lagi nak memburukkan lagi kaan. Sighh. Maybe im just tired n lazy to shave or epilate or wax anymore.

This are the list of product i use for hair removing.

1) Shaver, from venus
- This is the only shaver i ever use and so far so good.

2) Wax strips, from veet and nair
- For me, i prefer veet rather than nair. I dont know, maybe nair is just dont work on my skin kot. Wuwu. And i also use this wax strip to wax my upper lips.

3) Cream hair remover, from veet
- I have been abandon this thing for quite awhile actually. Hahaa. Explains why its dirtyyy. :P

4) Electric epilator, from phillip
- THIS. I have been fascinated by this thing. It removes the hair from root u knowwwww. And after that my hair grow slower and lesser :D But the down side issss. It is kinda painful. Yep. Sometime, it is very VERY painful :( :( :(

And last but not list, the basic everyone should have issss

5) Tweezer ! :D
- My fav tweezer is the one on the left side. It works amazing :D it can pull even the shortest hair :D But i cant remember where i bought it tho.

Well, some say, Beauty is pain. Couldn't agree more !
Wuuu wuuu.

Friday, January 27, 2012

One Tree Hill FTW !

Yesss yesss. I am still crazah over this series. Crazah with Nathan, B.Davis and the new sizzling chickaz ;

Dalam OTH, she rolled as quinn james. A sister to haley james. And apparently in real life, she is actually a model. Well, tgk pun dah boleh agak kann. Dgn tingginya lagi.

And when i first time saw her in OTH, i was like is that mischa barton ? well, they do look a bit similar aight ? No ? Hahaa. But i personally lagi suka shantel better than mischa barton. She so cuteeee. Hehee.

This girl. Has an amazing smile ! And she can sing too :) it's ah-mazing ! In OTH, she play as alex dupre.

Friday, January 6, 2012

First time threading eyebrow.

Gambar Hiasan

Ok sebenarnya dah lama terfikir nak buat. Tapi i keep on postpone je. Ishh. Well usually i pluck my eyebrow myself. and i shaped it myself. Tapi teringin lah nak try threading ni since a got a lot of good reviews from my frens and blogs and all.

Sooo i went to this one beauty parlour in sec 9 Shah alam. I did my eyebrow n my upper lips n they clean up my dagu sume. So okay lah. All for rm17.00. I satisfied with the results. My eyebrow is neater. And NO PAIN at all. People keep on complaining its good but painful but thats bullshit. Tak sakit ok :) at first of course i was nervous sbb ramai cakap sakit but then i was like wah tak sakit ! :D ( kulit buaya kot aku ni ? :P )

Buuuuuuttttt !! there's a but yeaa. The next morning, i notice there's rashes on the area drng thread my eyebrow. What a bummer :( i would love to go thread my eyebrow next time. Maybe tak sesuai kot muka. Or maybe kulit aku ni terkejut. But hello skin ! dah biasa upperlips waxing n eyebrow pluck kan ?? Sigh.

This is what i call 'Dilemma Wanita'. Very !