Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where to get travalo in Malaysia

Soooo i finally found Travalo in MALAYSIA. What is travalo ?

Travalo o o oooo.

- Travalo is a travelling perfume bottle.

So u dont have to carry your giant heavy perfume bottle on travel. As for me, i keep this little magic bottle in my handbag all the time. :) i carry it everywhere i go.

I was introduced to this product by one of the very very gorgeous beauty guru on youtube. 


Jump to 6:40 to hear abt the product review.

Even the sexy Fay Hokulani have that too bebeehh !! click here to see her holding travalo on instagram.

The product itself is great. Its very handy and small. Almost the same size of a lipstick. And it is very easy to refill.

First u gotto remove the bottle nozzle. Then put the travalo on top of the nozzle. And pump it !! So far, im happy with te product :)

Y'all can get it from here ( Perfumehall )

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aaannd i'm ready to make some bracelets :D