Tuesday, September 29, 2009

why do people have blog?

i used to think that writing blog is for jobless people.
but now here i am sitting in front of my lappy writing a new post.
but yet, still i believe writing blog is for jobless people.
cuz i'm bored and jobless now. ha ha haa.

currently listening to single again - trina ft lil wayne, rick ross n plies .

joblessdotcom :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

syurga cinta . hehee..

what the heck?
do watch this movie laahh. damn best :)
kelakar. sad. insaf. all blended in one.
and and awal is uber hawtsss ! :D

click syurga cinta below to watch through youtube :)
support malaysia's industry laaah. c'on.

i bet you, the movie will not disappoint you.
sasya & awal likeyyy ;>

what kind of foolish ?

I am toooo kind !
yep! TOO KIND !
she did not deserve my compassion.
she did not deserve my kindness.
she did not deserve my forgiveness.
she did not deserve ME . as a fren or whatever.

but then again, it was still my wrong who are toooo kind
or maybe tooo friendly or toooo stupid
to invite her.

just for the record, i am still not ready to forgive you and not even him.
sasya. fierce.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

my house from satellite view :)

i miss hooommeee..
i miss my family and jerry.. :(
and i uberly miss my room.. :(

sasya :P

first cut.

i just realized that this account is still exist :P

i just want to say that.
it's not just only love which make us feel like a battlefield.
it's act life make us feel like in a battlefield. :)

current fav song = battlefield by jordin sparks.

sasya :)