Tuesday, September 29, 2009

why do people have blog?

i used to think that writing blog is for jobless people.
but now here i am sitting in front of my lappy writing a new post.
but yet, still i believe writing blog is for jobless people.
cuz i'm bored and jobless now. ha ha haa.

currently listening to single again - trina ft lil wayne, rick ross n plies .

joblessdotcom :)


  1. ini memang the most jobless person!

  2. sebab kadang-kadang.
    hanya blog paham kite.
    semua orang tak paham ape kite nak cakap.
    tapi blog paham. and blog akan postkan
    supaya kita akan baca balik and pikir semula ape yang kite cakap tu betul ke tak.

  3. no. cats understand us.
    no! they are not !
    jerry is keeping on bite bite bite me everytime he sees me !
    ungreatful cat !!
    grrrr ! fren no more with jerry !