Friday, January 6, 2012

First time threading eyebrow.

Gambar Hiasan

Ok sebenarnya dah lama terfikir nak buat. Tapi i keep on postpone je. Ishh. Well usually i pluck my eyebrow myself. and i shaped it myself. Tapi teringin lah nak try threading ni since a got a lot of good reviews from my frens and blogs and all.

Sooo i went to this one beauty parlour in sec 9 Shah alam. I did my eyebrow n my upper lips n they clean up my dagu sume. So okay lah. All for rm17.00. I satisfied with the results. My eyebrow is neater. And NO PAIN at all. People keep on complaining its good but painful but thats bullshit. Tak sakit ok :) at first of course i was nervous sbb ramai cakap sakit but then i was like wah tak sakit ! :D ( kulit buaya kot aku ni ? :P )

Buuuuuuttttt !! there's a but yeaa. The next morning, i notice there's rashes on the area drng thread my eyebrow. What a bummer :( i would love to go thread my eyebrow next time. Maybe tak sesuai kot muka. Or maybe kulit aku ni terkejut. But hello skin ! dah biasa upperlips waxing n eyebrow pluck kan ?? Sigh.

This is what i call 'Dilemma Wanita'. Very !


  1. Hi may i know which beauty parlour yg u pegi? dkt area mana eh? thanks :)

  2. Omg babe. sorry for my very very late reply. I think it's Perfection Skin Care. One row dgn DE sec9 & 7E.