Thursday, October 22, 2009


let's go TAHITI !!!!!!!
please lah acknowledge the beauty of this mother nature.
tengok lah how crystal clear is the water.
eeeii geramnyee!
i need this at the moment.
the smoothie breeze all..
the fresh salt smell from the sea.
the warm glittering and golden sand.
and like i can see no building standing up around me.
nothing in between my view.
and imagine laying down on the sand.
eating ice cream. eeeii bestnyeee. grrr.
feels like every of my problems flew away along the winds.
going going gone farrr away and then faded forever.
yea yea rightt..
but don't worry, i'm living with reality here..
all this tahiti shit is not gonna cut my problems off ponn.
but i need a time break.
pergi pantai lah nanti ! menarik ! :)

i don't like this game anymore..
icy dreamyy.
sasya :S

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