Friday, June 29, 2012

How to make perfume smell last longer

Don't you hate it when your perfume only last for few hours only ? Even if u just sit in the air conditioned office, u dont go out doing any outdoor activities, you perfume's smell still doesnt last all day.

So i googled and tried few tips and tricks to make perfume scents last longer  ;

1)  Vaseline, unscented body cream. 

Some say, perfume doesnt take to dry skin. So by applying vaseline or unscented body cream on the on your skin will make the scent adhere better. And then spritz your perfume on that area. But to me, I have tried with vaseline but it doesnt seems to work that well. 

2)  Spritz perfume after shower

Applying perfume right after shower is just going to give you a fresh start of the day and confidence. Dont you think so ? :)  Some say by applying perfume after shower can make the scents last longer than usual cuz our body pores are still open at that time.

3) Pulse point

Spray it on wrist, neck, behind ears to jaw bone line, back of your knee.

4) Spray on your hairbrush

Before u brush your hair. Spray your fav perfume on it. Instead of buying a hair perfume, just try this method.   Its gonna give your hair a nice light smell :)

Oh and also, some people say the perfume scents is better on the skin rather than on clothes.
So good luck on experimenting your fragrance !

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