Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy girl are the prettiest. Well, i'm ugly.

im comfortable being cynical, angry, hurt.
im not use to this happy life.
my life are not meant to be happy. i know.
so dont give me any false hope.

i really suck in being in a relationship.
im good in breakups.
and im master in living alone.

becuz at the end of the day,
i know. NO HUMAN BEING is really gonna be there for me.

yes i have trust issue. i had it for forever.
long before i met you.
and its nobody to blame.
Never i dare to believe in anybody.

My heart is only for me to hurt it.
No other people can hurt it.
Becuz i know how goddamn hurt when u trust someone.
And then they betray your trust.
I think i know how'd that feels.
Yea i think i knoww...

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