Monday, November 9, 2009


thank you sayangg. u changed my life. i could not imagine hows my life without you leading my way, showing me the world.. open up my eyes yadda yaddaa yaddaaa bla bla BULLSHIT LAH.

hehe bukan nak drama here yah ;P but come on guys. i don't think that someone could have the power to change someone's life or future or whatever. to be realistic, for me whatever it is, kena datang dari diri sendiri. you yourself decides whether to change or not. to run or walk. to cry or to scream. to stab your chest with scissor or to eat cotton candy. people around you can just give you the guidance, clue or route. but the main point here is. it is you yourself who control your brain. your heart. your desire and decision. you cud've just ignore them if u want to. or on the other hand you listen to them :) soo, the power is actually in your hand. stop rely on anyone else. and stop acting hopeless. :)

i hate study :S